Amy & Owens Engagement Shoot

Just a few weeks ago I met Amy & Owen once again, this time for an engagement shoot. Amy I remember as being one of my most organised brides 🙂 with her wedding scheduled for May 2017 she is ‘on top’ of everything! They were both slightly nervous about the idea of their wedding photography and so wanted to have a mini experience of what they were in for. I believe in making the experience as fun and painless as possible and soon we were all giggling and enjoying the gardens on such a glorious day. I always think one of the key skills to being a wedding photographer is being able to ‘gel’ with your couple and to put them at ease. In only this way do I know i’m getting genuine photographs of my subject, without any of the on camera stiffness that I frequently see in images where the photographer hasn’t taken the time to have a chat and relax with their couple.

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